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Helicopter Video for Commercial Real Estate

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Helicopter video adds a sense of grandeur to commercial real estate video productions that is near-impossible to replicate with any other means.

Utilising our custom helicopter filming system, we can capture wide expanses and zoomed detail shots of your asset.

We can operate at altitudes far above that of drones and in airspace where utilising drones is not feasible. For example over city centres and near airports.

We also capture 8K cinematic footage which allows us extreme flexibility in post.

Shooting helicopter during the day is a great way to showcase "Sunny Australia". Highlighting your assets' location and proximity to surrounding amenities.

Dusk and Dawn helicopter filming presents more challenges in getting access to required airspace and more punishing time constraints. However, the resulting footage exudes class and sophistication unmatched by daytime helicopter video.

We have a large stock library of video footage over Brisbane. Sometimes (if we have the right shots) we can offer stock footage for your video production. These wide stock shots of Brisbane city still impart a "wow factor" to your video while being a more affordable option than a bespoke helicopter shoot. They can also be a great option when weather and time constraints do not permit a flight.

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