The RAW Road Rig is a car-mounted camera system capable of capturing smooth and stable footage at speeds up to 130kph and focal lengths in excess of 105mm. Any camera can be mounted and operated from the rig but we have chosen to design the system around the Sony A7siii and A1.


The Sony A7siii and A1 offer a quality image with high dynamic range in S-Log3. Pixel perfect autofocus and full zoom control make shooting with a single operator a breeze. 

The system has 3 axes adjustable movement dampening to help keep the gimbal stable when accelerating, braking or cornering. This combined with the powerful Crane 3S Pro gimbal system allows for easy control and stable results.


One of the best parts about this system is the ease of rigging and running the system. We offer two options for rental of the system.


Option One: We provide the Vehicle, System, Camera, Operator, Driver and insurance. Taking care of every aspect of your shoot.  Available vehicles are Audi Q3, VW Polo or Suzuki Grand Vitara. 

Option Two: We provide the System and Camera. You're responsible for rigging, Operating and Insurance.  We offer several options for rigging to almost any vehicle. If we currently don't have an option for rigging to your vehicle of choice we can create a rigging solution.  This option also requires a two-hour training session prior to the initial rental of the system. 

We want to keep this system reasonably priced for our clients. Capturing stable vehicle footage has never been more affordable from a system like this. Please contact us for rental pricing. 

Below are some examples of the system at work.