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Dusk and Sunset Ground Photography

Sunset and Dusk provide beautiful light that helps to best showcase your property. While they are both at the end of the day, choosing between sunset and dusk results in very different photos.

For sunset photography, we shoot from an hour before sunset until the sun has left the building. This time is also referred to as Golden Hour. The resulting soft and warm tones give a sense of grace to even the harshest buildings. The low sun also casts long shadows, accentuating the architectural details of your asset.

Dusk photography is captured from just after sunset through until 'last light' (when the sky turns from dark blue to black). This time, also known as Blue Hour, imparts sophistication and class in the photos captured. Car headlights streak imparting a sense of motion into the photography and less desirable parts of the scene are concealed. For dusk shoots, we always arrange to have internal and external lights turned on to help further make your building stand out from its surroundings.

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