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Recently Rory and I shot and produced a video showcasing select areas around Brisbane City. The video was created from over 3000 individual raw photographs composited together using Adobe Lightroom, After Effects and Premiere Pro. Capturing each location required extensive planning to ensure the transitions from one location to another looked as seamless as possible.

Transitions like the one moving from Mount Coot-Tha into the Brisbane sign at South Bank required upwards of 5 different frames captured by 3 cameras for a seamless movement from one location to another. The 3 cameras were setup at 3 focal lengths (16mm, 70mm and 400mm) to create the punch zoom effect toward Brisbane City. Then the 3 separate timelapse clips where composited together, creating a super-zoom that would maintain a high quality image for the final rendering of the video.

Another part of the video required a drone hyperlapse moving down Brisbane River toward the Story Bridge. This was done in two parts. One being the long lead up to the bridge and another, closer to the Story Bridge to give an effect of flying over the bridge down to the Howard Smith Wharves. Overall the video took two days to capture and 2 days in post production using the Adobe Creative Suite

What did we gain out of taking on such a unique shoot? This was meant to push our skills beyond traditional video production. Both Rory and myself feel breaking free from the usual video production template gives the ability to create unique and compelling content. We chose to shoot locations that every tourist and local with a camera has captured and showcased it online for the world to see. What we want to create is a fresh take on these views and landmarks seen countless times before.

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