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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Designed and manufactured inhouse to offer stable vibration-free footage. Multiple cameras such as RED, Black Magic, Arri, Canon, Panasonic and Sony can all be rigged and run on the system. The mount incorporates 3 axis movement dampening to help reduce large vibrations from hard cornering and fast acceleration. A high-frequency vibration dampening plate with adjustment for payloads from 4-8kg. The Crane 3S Pro gimbal offers camera control and 3 axis stabilisation at speeds over 120kph. The system was specifically designed around the Sony A7s iii offering amazingly stable results utilizing the cameras inbuilt sensor and lens stabilisation. Vibration-free footage from 24-105mm offers a huge range of possibilities when shooting. Full zoom control mixed with

frame by frame perfect autofocus makes shooting with this system a breeze. Main camera control can be tricky for new operators when forced to use only a joystick based control system. The Crane 3S Pro offers a mimic/follow mode offering a far better way to follow moving subjects in a more fluid manner.

The main system can be mounted or adapted to almost any vehicle. Currently, we have options for fitment to most cars and 4x4's. Mounting utilises one hard mounting point usually a tow bar or tow strap mount along with 6 high strength suctions cups for a safe secure and quick installation. Rigging time: Setup 10 - 15 min, Teardown 5 - 10 min

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