RAW is now offering a cost-effective camera control solution that is comparable to existing cinema robots (CineBot) for product cinematography.  After consulting with industry professionals we found a need for a more budget-conscious solution for robotic camera motion. Existing solutions, while offering the ability to create incredible shots were prohibitively expensive for most productions, only catering to those with the highest budgets. Nothing budget conscious existed on the market, so we decided to create it. 


Our 5 axis motion control robot can operate within an area of 2m x 2m x 0.85m, with a top speed of 2.8m/s and repeatable accuracy of 0.01mm. This custom solution was designed and built in-house with the goal of creating a camera bot with similar capabilities to the BOLT, Kira and Kuka. While incredibly fast for it's design, our robot is very precise allowing for the capture of stop-motion and timelapse.  Below are a series of clips created to showcase it's capabilities.  

We look forward to working with filmmakers, production houses and marketing agencies to create dynamic engaging content previously outside the budget of most projects.